Espresso Maker (Automatic) by Pressopump Specifications

Espresso Maker (Automatic) by Pressopump | USB Connection Travel Coffee Maker | Hot Rich Crema | Portable & Lightweight | Perfect Gift for Home, Outdoors & Office

Specifications of Espresso Maker (Automatic) by Pressopump : 
  • GREAT TASTING - The PRESSOPUMP prepares a Rich and Creamy Coffee Espresso shot, topped with THICK CREMA. All in under 2 mins preparation.
  • RELIABLE – LEAKPROOP and DURABLE gasket – Over 5,000 Espresso shots guaranteed.
  • ACHING HAND? - AUTOMATIC EXTRACTION with 16 Bar pressure yet PORTABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT. All materials are FOOD SAFE and LEAD FREE.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Your PRESSOPUMP can be cleaned in minutes. All parts are easy to detach to ensure thorough cleaning unlike other portable makers.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Integrated ULTRA-FINE STEEL FILTER reusable again and again.

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