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How To Make Coffee With Aeropress

KEDHANAKEDHINICOFFEE.COM - In this opportunity, kedhanakedhinicoffee.com will write down the steps how to make coffee with aeropress. Follow the steps below, watch the tutorial video if you do not understand.

Image : Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Step 1
Assemble your gear :
- A standard $50 Aeropress Kit
- Measuring Cup
- Thermapen
- Freshly roasted coffee beans

Step 2
Grind it ( on this tutorial using the Breville Smart Grinder, medium to fine grind )

Step 3
Brew time :
- this is the inverted method
- add 30g ground coffee / about 2 levelled scoops
- find 1/2 cup of water, has to be exacly 80 Celcius
- the water temp is crucial, too cool - the brew lack punch, too hot - the brew will be sharp
- thermapen takes 3 second to get temp
- when the water 80 celcius drop it in
- start a timer as you add the water
- stir it up for 10 seconds
- brew for a total of 50 seconds
- too much stirring will lower the heat
- add the cap and (wet) paper filter
- the cap helps to contain the heat
- allow the brew time to elapse
- plunging shoulld take 20-30 seconds
- density of the grind will efect plunge speed
- grind too fine and plunging will be too hard
- don't compress the grind!
- done!

Add a blob of milk for a delicous hit
Premium, local organic, for maximum hipster
Add hot water for an Americano or add some hot milk for a Latte

Watch the following tutorial video:

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